Caulfield Guineas Wrap

The Chadstone Fashion Stakes at Caulfield Guineas got serious on the weekend with two of three categories in the competition holding their finals. The two finals with sashes and prizes awarded held were for the over 40 Stylish Ladies and the Stylish Gentleman categories. Three more finalists were also selected in the under 40 Stylish Ladies category with the grand final taking place next weekend at the Caulfield Cup. With heats and finals staggered throughout the afternoon it was a fashions on the field enthusiasts dream- made even better with plenty of seating and shade to watch the competition on stage and on the big screen. Not forgetting the event was held at the races, the competition was structured around the races with breaks for the races and coverage on the screens switching over the horses during the races. Melanie Villego from Winners & Losers was host for the afternoon and judges for the day included Designer Jenny Bannister, Stylist Phillip Boon, David Jones Ambassador Emma Freedman and Jess and Stef from How Two Live.For the over 40 Stylish Ladies section there were two heats held with three finalists selected from each heat to progress to the grand final. This section had quite a mix of looks moving from quirky through to classic racewear. I was extra excited to see this section as my mother was visiting me from Canberra and I had successfully convinced her to enter fashions on the field. Mum did this FOTF obsessed daughter proud and walked the stage with confidence. It was tough competition though and she didn't make the grand final, but I was very happy she had a go. In the grand final there were nine women with Amanda Macor from Cairns taking home the winners sash. Her outfit was a one off made by Michalenko by Appointment and a self made hat. She had her swagger on and owned her outfit with a fabulous pair of sunnies that made a statement!IMG_7898 
Whilst there wasn't much luck for myself or my parents at the fashion stage, I did manage to back a winner in the afternoon and had a great day out at CaulfieldIMG_1106 IMG_1153By Angela Menz