Sofitel Girl's Day Out 2015

Sofitel Girl's Day Out at Flemington, was the raceday that marked the start of spring carnival. After freezing through the week in Melbourne and waking up to drops of rain, the weather gods decided to come on board and brought a beautiful sunny day. With my VRC membership freshly renewed I decided to check out the Young Members cocktail party with my partner Pete. This VRC young members event was themed "Where the Royals Play' hence the giant throne where we took photos.IMG_8081If you are a VRC young member and haven't been to any of the young member events before, then I suggest you hot foot it to the next one... or if you have a friend who is a member, then ask them to sort out your ticket! Held over two levels the cost is minimal and includes entertainment and an abundance of finger food. My personal highlight of the catering was a lolly bag station which I visited an embarrassing number of times. I was very sad to miss seeing Sam, the Bachelor as Pete and I were too busy making little bets at the TAB. (No wins for me for the whole day either! Pete fared much better...) Overall everyone was really well dressed and I took photos of a few hats that caught my eye.
Outfit Details-I was keen to try out a new pattern I'd made durng the week so when I got home from work on friday I sewed my dress and made a headband. I used fabric and trims I already had from other projects so the cost was very minimal. My outfit was put together with a 60s silhouette in mind. I wanted to be able to enjoy my day without fussing over my outfit so made a dress I could eat and sit in (something which FOTF outfits often don't really allow for). It don't think it photographs well at all, but it is made from a synthetic raffia type fabric for the bodice with the  skirt part in a coated cotton with a silk organza overlay. The flowers under the bust and on my headband were beaded and sequined accessories that I pulled apart.DSC_0707 DSC_0742By Angela Menz