Caulfield: Carnival Preview Day Wrap

On Saturday the Melbourne Racing held their Carnival Preview day at Caulfield. There was free entry and the sun was (mostly) shining so I headed off to the track for another day of fashion and racing. There were three heats for the Chadstone Fashion Stakes across three sections of the competition. There weren't major prizes up for grabs, but winners from the day have each won a coveted spot in the finals for their section. The host for the day was Melanie Vallejo from Winners and Losers on Channel 7 and judges for the day included Emily Power and Caulfield Style Ambassador Erika Heynatz,First up for the day was the Stylish Over 40s Ladies heat. There were a limited number of entrants, with only 10 women for this section. I speculate that more entrants are put off from coming and entering in the earlier heats because if you win a spot in the grand final you have to return in three weeks time in the exact same outfit. Numbers may have been down, but the quality of the entrants was good with a couple of women missing out that I thought had a very good chance of making the final.The three winners
By Angela Menz