Luscious Lashes

20130807-010831.jpgOne of my beauty addictions (and I have many) is a love of false eyelashes. During normal days I don't even like to wear mascara, but for special occasions such as the races I go all out. It can be tricky to master the art of putting on false eyelashes but here's a few tips to help you out!Glue. If you've got good eyelash glue it'll make things so much easier. Don't bother with the tiny tubes that come with your lashes, buy a separate tube. The go to brand for many is Duo (available at MAC counters) but personally I use Shu Uemura. I've also got black eyelash glue from a couple of random Korean brands that I've picked up overseas. Black glue is good if you have black eyeliner on as it makes the line look more strong and defined.Good glue is essential Lashes. There are three main types. Full strip lashes which go across your whole eyelid, half strip lashes for the outer corner of your eyes and individual clumps which can be placed wherever you like. I find strip lashes easier to manage, as too often with individual clumps my eyes look uneven.Prep. If you are wearing full strip lashes hold them up to your eye and make sure they're the right length. I used to skip this then wonder why I couldn't put my lashes on properly. Not anymore!Application. One at a time put a thin layer of glue on the top of the strip and wait 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky. Next starting at the outer edge of your eye place the strip as close to your natural lashes as possible. Do it with your eye closed and keep it closed for 1 minute. During this time hold it firmly in place so the glue can dry. Before opening your eye I use the back of a thin makeup brush and make sure the edges of the strip are properly stuck down to my skin by giving it a gentle push. This makes a big difference as the first place lashes start to come off is at the edges.Repeat. Do the same for the other eye making sure you place the strip in the same position as the first eye.Finish. If the lashes are black, put mascara on. I find this helps the false lashes blend with your own lashes better and help them stay put.Lashes are the cherry on top for a good face of makeup and provide an extra lift to your eyes. I generally prefer to wear more dramatic lashes, but sometimes a more natural look is best.Don't be afraid to wear crazy lashes to the races either, they're not just for drag queens- I've based entire outfits around my eyelashes.My lashes from the last two Melbourne Cup daysWhen removing your lashes peel them off gently and rub the glue off the lashes with your fingers. If you are careful you can reuse your lashes later. To keep my lashes in shape after I've used them I pop them back into their box or you can buy lash boxes to keep them safe. Daiso in Melbourne sells them for $2.80.There are so many on the market its easy to get a bit confused. Not to worry because you can pop into a lash bar and get professional help in selecting and applying your lashes- Napoleon Perdis counters and Shu Uemura at David Jones are a good start if you need some guidance. Otherwise you can get your lashes from Priceline, department stores, supermarkets and pretty much anywhere that sells makeup. If you fly into Melbourne for a raceday and forget your lashes hit up Sportsgirl at the airport. That store has saved me so many times!By Angela Menz