Chadstone Fashion Stakes. Heat 1 Melbourne Racing Club

Today was the start of the Fashions on the Field silly season here in Melbourne with the first heats of the Chadstone Fashion stakes taking place at Chadstone shopping centre.There was a great stage set up and plenty of chairs for shoppers and support crew for the contestants to sit down and enjoy the show. It was held on the lower level of the centre just outside David Jones, so patrons could peer down over the railings to see what was going on too. Fashions on the Field competitions always feel strange to me when they are held away from the track but a good job was done in creating a nice atmosphere for the competition.I had pre-registered and was allocated a spot in heat two. The numbers for the event were quite low ( 15/16 contestants) , but the quality of the entrants was superb. Each heat saw three women selected to go into the final with the winner progressing to the grand final held on Caulfield Cup dayHeat 1 of the dayBecause I was up on stage and back stage for heat two I didn't get any stage snaps as my iphone was in my handbag, but I did get a pic of the other girls in my heat.20130831-184820.jpgMy outfit. I've spent alot of this week dressed up like a fruit loop, so today's outfit was a bit more lady likeThe daily final was next, with the top 6 contestants lining up for another go at impressing the judges. I didn't make the cut for the final, so instead I ran around to the front and took some photos.Daily FinalAnd after short deliberation the winner was announced!20130831-190217.jpg
I'm looking forward to day two of the Chadstone Fashion Stakes held at Caulfield. Hope to see you there!By Angela Menz