Cairns Amateurs 2013 Wrap Part 2

After a very busy day at Cannon Park for Ladies Day, it was back to the hotel for a super quick makeover to get ready for the Annual Amateurs Ball. It is a black tie event that only opened up to the public a few years ago. Each year there is a special musical guest which traditionally would be unveiled during the evening. This year there was a break from tradition and Jessica Mauboy was announced as the special guest in the lead up to the event. As well this year the Amateurs Ball moved locations to be held at the Esplanade. The dance floor was built over water and the whole event was to be held entirely outdoors. It would have been perfect had the weather decided to co-operate. All day at the races the clouds were threatening to rain, but they held off... until the outdoor ball.
I had the most amazing time again in Cairns getting to experience another Amateurs Carnival. The hospitality that was extended to myself and the warm welcome that Craig and I received was so lovely and made the whole trip so enjoyable and so much fun. We were both looked after very well and I cannot thank everyone involved enough for their kindness. All the hard work paid off for another fantastic and successful Cairns Amateurs Carnival!By Angela Menz

Cairns Amateurs 2013 Wrap Part 1

This year I was lucky enough to attend the Cairns Amateurs as the plus one of my friend Craig Braybrook. This was my third Amateurs Carnival and I was stoked to get the chance to escape Melbourne for a long weekend in sunny Far North Queensland. I arrived in Cairns late Wednesday night and had three very busy and fun days before heading home on Sunday.Thursday was the start of the Carnival with the Annual Ladies High Tea held at Cannon Park. This was great to get a glimpse of some early spring racewear. The women of Cairns know how to wear colour and as a great lover of bright happy colour I loved seeing everyone's outfits. The Ladies High Tea also showcases local boutiques and emerging designers in a series of fashion parades that ran throughout the morning. Craig had brought some of his couture gowns to display and milliner and Fashions on the Field judge Rebecca Share from Geelong had also brought some of her work to parade on stage. There was a mini "Fashions on the Field" with each table selecting a representative to go up onstage for the chance to win a table for the following year. The judges Craig and Rebecca didn't have an easy decision. There was also a charity raffle and lucky door prizes making for a very enjoyable and action packed morning.
I had a great day at the races and the Amateurs carnival continued into the night and the next day. I'll continue my wrap up in part 2 shortly.I also took photos of (I think) every contestant in Fashions on the Field. If I haven't put one up of you, feel free to email me at let me know what you were wearing and I'm happy to have a look and email you any pics I have.By Angela