Travel Essentials

I've been doing lots of international flying lately and with that comes terrible cabin air, nasty skin and puffy ankles. When I fly, I usually have to hit the ground running when I land. Because of this I am very particular about what I take in my handbag to make life a little easier. These are my top 5 essentials when I fly.1. Face oil. I can't sing it's praises enough! This has changed my skin from being dry with a breakout when I land to being soft and moisturised. I make sure I re-apply regularly during the flight (every couple of hours or so) and rub it well into my hands too. My top pics are ModelCo and Trilogy. A little goes a long way, only a 3 or four drops are needed for each application. They are also well under the liquid limit for international flying.
2. Lucas PawPaw ointment. The only way I can keep my lips soft, is to slap a nice thick layer on when I take my seat and after eating and drinking. This product also seems to come in handy to help with any scrapes, cuts or minor skin ailments that always seem to pop up on holidays.Lucas_Papaw_Papaya_Ointment_Tube_25G3. Bright lipstick. I always feel awful when I get off a plane and dislike wearing makeup when flying. Instead I like to keep some bright lippy on hand so I can apply it just before landing. I hope to dazzle anyone that sees me with bright lips and draw attention away from the bags under my eyes. Mac lipsticks are one of my fave brands for it's great selection of bright colours.M0N904 4. Antibacterial wipes. The last two aren't beauty related but are always in my handbag when flying. After seeing a women on a recent flight change her child's nappy on the tray table on front of her I take no chances and keep these on hand to wipe down my space before I get too comfortable. These are also good to keep on hand to wipe down your hands or any accidental spills.Kimberly-Clark_Personal-Care_Kleenex_Anti-Bacterial-Wet-wipes5. Compression socks. I'll admit I used to laugh at the thought of wearing these, but after seeing my ankles turned into CANKLES these are a must for me. No more trying to squish my feet into my shoes at the end of a flight or painful feet after travel.Kim-embed_2565606aBy Angela Menz Please note, these are my personal thoughts and nothing in this post was sponsored or supplied.